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With the help of our board of directors and trustees, these kids eventually learned many behavioral and managing skills as they grew up. They all have their own roles in contributing toward The Smiling Foundation. Today, our organization is thriving because of their hard work and determination.



About The Smiling Foundation

The Smiling Foundation is a non-profitable organization that’s committed to making a difference in the world. We encourage others to generously donate not only items, but also money for funds. The organization highlights kids from ages 7 to 18 and teaches them to help those in need in the poorest of communities

Facts and Figures

Donated to support Cancer Patients $


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Guest Speakers

The Smiling Foundation is all about teaching young kids to appreciate what they have and to be safe. We bring in experts from various fields including medical professionals. We conducted 2 seminars this year with Jignesh Mehta and Siddharth Pathak as our guest speakers. Jignesh Mehta showed us that drugs can come in different forms such as ones that look like candy, and taught us to “just say no to drugs.” Siddharth Pathak, however, did a seminar about stock markets. He explained what the stock market is, how to invest in different companies, and how to know which companies are better to invest in.

Say No To Drugs

Jignesh Mehta

Stock Markets

Siddharth Pathak


Our community is driven by a passion to help those in need, where it be through feeding the homeless or by donating toys, The Smiling Foundation is always there to help

How it all Began

It all started 3 years ago when our founders , Ria Jain, Rohan Jain, and Prish Desai , visited countries with extreme living conditions, where people were struggling just to get through the next day. Noticing the people on the streets made them realize how life isn't always fair. The world has many problems, and this was one they wanted to act on. Since that day, they made a unanimous decision to create a non-profit organization called " The Smiling Foundation"

Preseident of The smiling foundation has been recognized before by the Mayor for community services.

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